2019 is almost here, and the year's list of hotel openings includes new development, properties completing major renovations, all-inclusive resorts, and even a permanently berthed ship. Restoration of historic buildings is a definite trend, a desire to preserve the past and to infuse character and the patina of age. The hotels range from casual to upscale luxury properties, and from downtown city locations to wildlife habitats in Africa.

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Art continues to be a major presence at hotels, with collections curated to portray a property’s personality or add a sense of the destination. Many of the hotels have emphasized their modern, contemporary, even quirky style in an effort to attract millennial guests with elements designed to appeal to that generation of travelers. Others announce their pet-friendly amenities and youngster-oriented activities in response to growth in family travel.

With increasing attention to environmental awareness, many hotels have gone beyond laundry reduction programs to communicate their commitment to eco-conscious toiletry brands and environmentally supportive products. Restaurants point out their use of local ingredients and sustainable seafood as well as on-property organic farms. Some hotels seek to educate their guests about the local environment and even provide participation opportunities such as coral reef restoration.

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Wellness programs are a growing trend among hotels and spas, with yoga classes or targeted treatments and experiences designed to improve guests’ health. There’s certainly more to today’s hotels than just a place to sleep for the night.